Dise CX Portal - Release V11

New features

  • Custom roles has been added

    • Ability to create new customized roles for users
      More information can be found here:  Custom roles

Known issues

  • Cant search for displays when adding conditions to a playlist item in the location finder
  • When creating new channels and playlists and adding them directly to a display, a republish might be needed


  • Templates with no default media will now generate a black thumbnail instead of nothing

  • Uploading media with API is now possible

  • Improved how drawer opens and closes in list views

  • All list views are more responsive and better support for lower screen sizes

  • Playlists can no longer be added to themselves as sub playlists
  • More than 24 items can now be added to a playlist at once
  • Reports will no longer scroll to the top when going directly from Display tab
  • No longer possible to save channels, tags, or layout on a display unless they have been changed, or when they are saving
  • In lists, the hitbox around the checkbox has been enlarged
  • Multiselect content items by ctrl clicking in content drawer has been improved