Dise Lite Android 8 - Release V39.0.7

Gapless video playback has been simplified and we have introduced timeouts on api functions. This will give us stable video playback on Android devices by creating a loop of 20 items, this will result in non-gapless after the 20th item when the loop restarts.

We have also implemented support for all CX portal features.

This know issue has been fixed:

  • Content items with a display location condition don't play

New features

  • Support for all CX Portal features

Known issues

  • Screen schedule doesn't turn the screen off when used in Classic Portal
  • Single webpage in playlist doesn't show
  • A sub playlist set to 'play all', items with 'do not play' conditions will be counted as the total number of items to play. The items set to 'do not play' will not play, it will be replaced by an item that is set to play
  • If the content download fails the player will retry 5 times before defaulting back to cached content. The player will retry the next day or after a reboot.
  • Layouts and multiple content channels not fully supported


  • Transition between sub playlists is non-gapless
  • Schedules on a sub playlist and the content inside it used OR logic instead of AND logic, resulting in expired content playing
  • Lite player did not unsubscribe from WAMP properly
  • Player status heartbeat blocked by content download
  • Playback statistics not saved when player is offline
  • Incorrected weather language index