Dise CX - Release V12.3.0

New features

  • Cookie notice
    • The user must accept cookies to close dialog (Link to cookie policy in dialog.)
  • Terms of use 
    • Will only appear once per user. User have to accept to close the dialog.

Custom fields

Player update required. Custom fields require v40.3.0 and above.

More custom fields will be continuously added.

  • Display settings
    • Volume setting
    • Debug and debug level setting

  • Operating hours on display
    • Set operating hours directly on display
    • Hover over time to show which level the operating hours are set
    • A yellow warning icon visible next to times set by an exception


  • Widgets
    • Change the duration of a widget playlist item
  • Lists
    • Added CTRL click in lists to open item in a new tab
    • Added CTRL + SHIFT click on lists with checkboxes to multi select items
  • Roles
    • Show what brand a role is connected to

Bug fixes

  • Permission changes
    • Hide site table if no read display user permission
    • Added correct edit permissions for auto generated playlists
    • Roles are now sorted by priority and name
  • Conditions
    • Replace conditions if they already exist
  • Messages
    • Save messages with media that is out of scope for the user
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