Dise CX - Release V13.8.0

New features

  • Campaign planning
    Note:  New player version is required for Campaigns to work (Dise Lite & Premium - Release V41.1.4
    • Allows you to create campaigns and schedule to multiple playlists and channels at once
    • Create campaigns that automatically appear in playlists when the campaign date is active and disappear when the campaign is done
    • More info on Campaigns here: Campaign guide
  • Player settings
    • Time zone has been adding as a setting under the Player view
    • Custom settings has been added to the CX Portal


  • Placeholders
    • Revamped the UI for Placeholders
    • Added the possibility to edit Placeholders after they have been created
  • Messages
    • Added the option to duplicate messages after they have been created
  • Media
    • The content finder now remembers the last filters so it is easier to back and forward between tabs in the Portal
  • Displays
    • Checkbox to also delete the player when deleting the Display has been added
  • Conditions
    • Date condition now also support start and end times. Previously it was from 00:00 to 23:59 but now its possible to set it yourself 
  • Quality of life changes
    • Shift + Click added to all items that uses checkboxes to select a range of items
    • Ctrl + click to select multiple items that uses checkboxes
    • Ctrl + click added in Display view to open a display in a new tab
    • Copy text from the hardware tab has been improved
    • You can now see what brand a specific custom role is coming from

Bug fixes

  • Preview
    • Lite preview has been updated to better support messages
  • Custom roles
    • Correct operating hours now visible for a user with a site role
    • A user with 'remove' tag permission can now remove tags from locations and displays but cannot remove the tag from the brand completely
  • Messages
    • Save messages with media that is out of scope for the user

Know issues

  • Operating hours
    • Operating hours exceptions currently not functional on Lite players
  • Reports
    • Reports coming from placeholder playlists not functioning as intended
  • Campaigns
    • Changing the order of campaign items in campaigns does not change the order in the connected playlist
  • Messages
    • Only possible do duplicate a message on brand level


  • Download has been removed from the Admin section, can now be found under your user profile instead