Dise Lite & Premium - Release V41.1.4

This update includes new versions for the following models

Samsung: SSP4,  SSP6 and SSP10

LG: WebOS 4.0, WebOS 4.1 and  WebOS 6.0

Android: 8.0 (4.4.4 soon to follow)

Brightsign: Series 3 and Series 4

Process for updating

Samsung and WebOS screens will be automatically updated on restart. 

For Brightsign and Android new versions can be found here:

New Premium  version can be downloaded from the Portal under your user profile. 

For automatic update of Brightsign, Android and Premium players, please contact and we can assist you. 

New features

  • Added support for campaigns
  • Added support for Shuffle in playlists
  • Custom settings support from CX
  • Time zone support from CX
  • Date conditions with time values for start and end
  • Display operating hours
  • Brightsign will set the screen to standby outside of operating hours


  • Samsung Displays will now show serial numbers in CX hardware view
  • Content downloads blocked statuses from being sent to Portal
  • Improved file validation on WebOS

 Bug fixes

  • Name and ID are now visible in the OSD view when connected to CX Portal
  • Play all on channel with subplaylists not show the content in correct order
  • Default log level changed to 'Notice'
  • Improved video support in Dise messages
  • Clear settings now clears the settings correctly on Android 8
  • Sound no longer plays outside of operating hours on WebOS
  • Last frame of video no longer persists behind images in gapless playback
  • Improved variable handling so they always load correctly on Premium
  • Resource cache will now always generate correctly on Premium
  • Syncing of a single video in a playlist improved on Premium

Know issues

  • Single video playback on SSP10 and WebOS 6.0 not gapless
  • Operating hour exceptions on Site and Country not functioning as intended
  • Lite player does not always unsubscribe properly from channels when switching them


  • WebOS screens might need a firmware update to show websites using 'HTTPS'