Dise Gapless SSSP - Release V41.4.2

This update includes new versions for the following models

Samsung: SSP6 and SSP10

New features

  • widget: add custom fields, cx portal info & tags in widget as query parameters

Bug Fixes

  • communication: Avoid playback lockup on Tizen players caused by bad command handling
  • metadata: Add missing metadata under hardware information in CX Portal
  • movie: Apply the flip/mirror transform setting in CX Composer correctly 
  • template: Resolved issue where grouped items in CX Composer did not show correctly

Known issues

  • A black gap may be visible when transitioning from UHD video to FHD image on SSSP6.
  • A black gap may be visible before or after a Widget.
  • When a single playlist item is set to loop, it will only register as one playback statistics item.
  • The screenshot for display in portrait mode may be displayed with an incorrect orientation.
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