For Android information, see this link.


In the case when the screen does not have internet access, please

  1. Download the apk file from here:
    DISE Lite special download
    (If you cant access it you can email for the file)
  2. Copy the apk file to a USB drive.
  3. Start the screen with the USB drive inserted.
  4. Select Installer.
  5. Browse and select the apk file that is presented (on the USB drive).
  6. A dialog will appear saying "Install blocked". 
  7. Click Settings in this dialog.
  8. Navigate down to and select Unknown sources in the security settings.
  9. Click Ok to confirm.
  10. Click the Back/return button to go back to selecting the apk to install.
  11. Click the apk and then Next to proceed.
  12. Click Open.
  13. Click the 5 button on the remote or (recommended) connect a USB keyboard, and hit the 5 button.
  14. Enter the details to connect to CX Portal. You need an account with administrator privileges.
  15. Then click Done.
  16. The player will register in CX Portal by the name "DISE", and play a default playlist.
  17. Log in to CX Portal, locate the player, then set a new playlist by going into it, click Edit, then select a new playlist.

Portrait mode

To set portrait mode for the screen and Lite, 

  1. Click the Setup key on the remote. 
  2. Select Display Orientation in the menu. Use the arrow keys to select orientation. 
  3. The screen will ask to reboot, select Yes.

Stop / uninstall

To stop the player, 

  1. Click the Home/Default button.
  2. Select Tools > Settings > Apps.
  3. Select "DISE Lite" and click the Force stop button. 
  4. (To uninstall Lite, click the Uninstall button on the page.)
If you then need to restart Lite, 
  1. Click the Home/Default button.
  2. Select Recents > "DISE Lite".