We recommended that the web pages you want to display are specially made for the Digital Signage system. 

This gives you more control over the content published and font sizes and images may be adjusted to fit a large format display instead of the standard desktop display.


Pop-ups and sound may cause problems in web page display.

Pages that rely heavily on Javascript to function may not be able to load correctly.


Premium players support touch (Multi touch) and interactivity on web pages.

Xpress players support touch on web pages as long as the system allows touch or mouse input.


Please make sure that the players that you select to show the web page has network access to the page. For example, an IP number or other local resource may not be known on the Player and an error message or white/black display may be shown instead.


Xpress may or may not support proxy depending on system configuration. Please contact us for more information.


Non-HTTPS (non secure connection) web pages will not preview correctly if Portal is used over HTTPS (secure connection). 

This is due to web browser security.


Premium players support basic authentication if the Web Page is added to a DISE Movie in Composer. 

You can also add a username/password like this:

Some form based authentication is supported on Professional and Premium players. Contact us for more information.

Web Rendering Engine

Premium players render web pages using CEF(Chromium Embedded Framework). 
Lite players will select the web browser based on system. Contact us for more information about specific platforms.