Setting up a premium LED panel/module involves considering factors such as resolution, graphic card output, and the LED processor/sending card. LED displays have lower individual resolutions but can achieve higher total resolutions. The graphic card output should be compatible with the LED processor/sending card, which typically accepts VGA/DVI/HDMI inputs. The input resolution to the LED processor should match the standard format it expects. Scaling and mapping may be necessary to align the input and panel resolutions. Consider image quality, pixel density, and other factors specific to your setup. Follow manufacturer instructions for optimal performance. 


To enable LED Mode, add the following custom settings:

  • LedMode (Bool) = 1.
    Run in Windowed mode, always on top.
  • ScreenWidth (Int)
    Window width in pixels.
  • ScreenHeight (Int)
    Window height in pixels.
  • ScreenX (Int)
    X position of window
  • ScreenY (Int)
    Y position of window
  • ScreenAdapter (Int)
    Index of screen adapter - 0 is the first screen.
    Note that if you specify the second screen, you may have to set ScreenX to <width of first screen>