Dise Cloud

The DISE Platform is built upon for components, all which will be explained below. 

CX Portal

Dise CX Portal is our web based portal, where you can manage and schedule your content and create dynamic experiences. 

The Dise Platform coordinates all parts of the signage solution, from player management and file storage to playback statistics and status management. The DISE CX Portal provides the user interface for the Dise  platform.

Users can easily and securely access the CX Portal from any browser and device. You will get the same intuitive experience on any device you are using, thanks to the intelligent interface that resizes to fit the screen of your device.

Using the CX Portal, you can list and manage player settings and player content. DISE Premium and DISE Lite players, which are connected to CX Platform, not only report the status, they also stay updated with the latest information provided. Changes are made by users in the CX Portal and when published to players, they will react accordingly, for example by downloading new content or removing content as required. The players will report logs playback information.

The process to install or replace a player is streamlined and makes player configuration simple and efficient.

Dise players are configured to playback content, in the form of named playlists or layouts. These are managed via the CX Portal. Upload media files such as videos and images from your device and add them to a playlist. You can add and preview content and web pages directly from the Portal. Change the order and schedule content as you wish.

Organise playlists in layouts for multiple layers or zones on screen. Users can easily change the content in various templates uploaded from Composer directly to the CX Portal. Their changes can be previewed immediately.

Portal users may be organised into groups for simpler management. There are multiple options available when it comes to logging into the portal. Entire sections of players and content may be separated into brands. Based on their role in the system, users or user groups can be set with hierarchical permissions to simplify and verify that the right people in the organization can change the right content

All Dise Cloud solutions are controlled through central cloud servers, accessible via our Dise Portal. 

In Portal you can upload, sequence and schedule content, manage and monitor players and create reports.The players will play the content 24/7 (24 hours per day, 7 days per week). 

Once players receive their instructions and content, they will continue to play from locally even if the connection to the network is interrupted. The players can be programmed months in advance and will play according to your schedule, completely unattended.

CX Composer

Our CX composer is a creative tool used to design templates, dynamic content and interactive experiences. Dise Composer often recognised as the market leader when it comes to high-performance content creations.

Dise CX Composer is a complement to the DISE CX Portal and gives you access to tools for creating both simple and advanced Digital Signage installations.

In Composer, you can create and manage multi-layered presentations with dynamic content. Content creators can create content with Composer that works on Dise Premium players as well as Dise Lite players. Presentations can be previewed, then saved and uploaded to the CX Portal for distribution to the Dise players.

Drag and drop media files into your presentations and arrange the content in a timeline. Bring in camera feeds, live recordings as well as video streams to mix with your content. Text objects, tables, tickers and clocks are available and customisable. Add effects, transitions and movements to make it all pop.

Dise Templates are also created in Composer, and provide a way to make content editable in the CX Portal. The content creator can specify which elements in a presentation CX Portal users can see and edit, for example, a header text or a news image. In this case, the header text or news image appears in the web interface as an editable field. This makes it easier to organise and authorise content on your screens.

To design for more than one screen is as easy as it is for single screens, making CX Composer great for video wall content creation. With Composer you are can handle large multiscreen canvases and account for bezel as well as physical distance between screens. This allows flawless synchronisation to be created as well. 

Make your content dynamic and change according to a schedule or a triggered event. In the CX Composer you can set up dynamic data connections to other systems such as RSS or databases, which ensures that content updates take place without any need for manual intervention. Insert live web pages and interactive elements to control playback.

Dise Premium player

Dise Premium is our recommended player software for high-performing, content-rich installations.

The aim is ease of use and, at the same time, advanced content. You can go with Premium for large video walls, single screens, 4K video, dynamic content and web. It is scalable and you can run it on a variety of hardware, depending on what performance you need. We have hardware recommendations for all your various scenarios.

Premium is registered and connected to the Dise CX Platform and managed via the Dise CX Portal. You can also create advanced content for Premium in our Dise CX Composer tool. The player connects to the CX Platform and content is downloaded locally, making sure that playback is stable in the case of network outage issues.

The installation package for Premium is downloaded from the CX Portal. Installation of Premium is a walk in the park with our discovery feature, allowing the player and server to find each other. Rolling out a large number of cloned Premium players for larger installations is not a problem and is part of the streamlined installation process.

Use Premium to schedule and control the power schedule of connected screens or to go into sleep mode. This is great for retail installations where screens should be switched off outside of opening hours.

Premium is available for the Windows platform.

For more information on pricing, visit dise.com

Dise Lite player

Lite is our lightweight SoC player for basic signage content. Lite runs directly on the device without the need for an external PC.

The aim here is to achieve simpler installations, where ease of setup and use is important. Lite is registered and connected to Dise Platform and managed via Dise CX Portal. Just like with the Premium version, the Lite player connects to the platform and content is downloaded locally, making sure that playback is stable in the case of network outage issues.

The software is installed via the screen’s built-in signage platform. Registration of Lite is a walk in the park with our discovery feature, allowing the player and server to find each other.

Use Lite to schedule and control the power schedule of connected screens. This is great for retail installations where screens should be off outside of opening hours.

For more information on pricing, visit dise.com