In the control panel you can create and manage the networks and licenses for Cloud. 

You may browse to and log in to the control panel immediately after installation, using the sa (server administrator) account. 

By default you can locate it at "http://<server-ip-or-fqdn>/?ds=controlpanel", or via the bottom link if you go to the server's IP.


Cloud has support for multitenancy through networks. A network may represent a customer or a subsection of a customer's. 

Players, playlists, content etc in a network is kept separate from other networks. 

Server administrators

Users created here are not tied to a specific network and so are server administrators. They can log in to the control panel as well to any network and are not bound by permissions set there.


You can view your licenses for all of your networks in the control center. 

To add or change a licenses please contact

On-Prem licensing

Unique information about the server can be found here. This information is used to generate a license file which in turn contains all information for all players in all networks.

To gain access to licenses, for example when a new network has been created for a customer, a new license file has to be uploaded. License files are created by DISE Support. 

To upload a new license file, go to Licensing and click the Upload button. 


System-wide tasks can be found here. 


In the Logs section you can view every event that has happened in all networks on the server. Logs may be filtered and exported to a comma-separated file.