Dise Cloud is a versatile product with several solutions. All Dise Cloud solutions are managed through a web based CMS. Here, upload, sequence and schedule content, manage and monitor players and create reports.


We have two players that are compatible with a Dise Cloud system:
  • Dise Lite
  • Dise Premium

Content distribution

Use Dise web CMS to distribute content to your players.

Dise Cloud Web UI (User Interface)

Dise Server provides a web UI which gives users control over the system's current settings and status. Users reach the web UI by browsing to DISE Server's IP address. The web UI is accessible through any device (PC, MAC, smart phone, tablet) and web browser. Depending on screen size, the web UI is flexibly resizing - you are able to get the same experience on a 320x480 smartphone as on a 1920x1080 desktop screen.

Read more about the web UI here, or learn the basics in our user guide.

Dise Composer

For more advanced users Dise Composer may be installed. It can be connected to Server, allowing you to publish Dise Movies, templates and other content for use in the web UI. Read more about Dise Composer here, or learn the basics in our user guide.

Components in a Dise Cloud solution

  • Dise Server
    Server software running on a central Windows PC. It is the hub around which the entire system revolves.
  • Player
    A playback device, communicating with Dise Server.
  • Composer
    Create and schedule custom content and upload to Dise Server.
  • Playlist
    A sequence of media files (videos, images) and/or Dise Movies, the content you want displayed on your screens.
  • User
    An individual with a login in to Dise Server.
  • Network
    An organizational unit consisting of a number of users and players.
    Networks may represent customers or subsections.
    A single instance of Dise Server is able to serve multiple networks.
  • Permission
    A rule that can be applied to restrict users or user groups to see or edit certain information, such as a playlist, a player, or group of players.
  • Add-on/module
    Optional functionality to the server, for instance campaign management with Dise Advertising module.