Please read the article about System recommendations & preparations before installing the software.


  • Download the installer package. To get access to it, contact DISE Support.
  • Run the installer as an administrator.
  • Proceed by starting and accepting the license agreement.

  • The installer searches for applications that need to close before proceeding. Click Close all to instantly close them. Then Next.

  • Enter a directory where to put files used by the system (scripts, settings and cache). The installer will by default select the largest drive in the system. The default will be a folder called "DISE Server data".

  • Enter a directory to put media files uploaded by users. The installer will by default select a Content subfolder in the "DISE Server Data" folder selected in the previous step.

  • Enter the directory to put the DISE Server application files. The default will be in the system drive - "C:\Program Files (x86)\DISE\DISE Server".

  • The installation of files is in progress.

After installation is completed, a setup wizard will be launched. Here, further configuration is made. 

  • The first step concerns the server administrator user. It is the first user created and it has access to all parts.
    It is important to select a secure password for the user. We recommend this user should only be used in critical situations - make sure to create a new user as soon as possible.
    If you are doing an update instead of a new installation, you can check the box Update DISE Server admin account to change the settings, otherwise they are left untouched.
    In the Only allow login from: field, enter an IP from which this user can log in. It also allows a range such as

  • Enter the public IP or FQDN that players and users will access the server through. The server needs to have a public IP and properly configured firewall to allow access if players are to reach it over the internet. You can also specify custom ports and redirects for player and user communication.

  • If a special account is required for running the DISE Server services, please select Custom local or domain account and enter its login credentials.

  • Select services to start, you can leave this as it is if nothing else has been specified 

  • Enter the maximum upload size for media files (in MB).
  • Enter a file path and if you want to log to file, also set the amount of log you want to receive.
    We suggest you set it to 'Info' if there is no need for debugging

  • If you are connecting your server to the new CX Portal you need to fill in Auth0 info on this screen to enable login.
    Contact Dise support for more info about this, but if nothing has been specified you can skip this as well.

  • Next, click Apply to start the configuration.

  • This process will set up the database and the internal workings of the server. It also sets up the web server.

  • You are now ready to start using the server. Click Done to exit the wizard.

  • Leaving the checkbox ticked and clicking Finish will open up a web browser and point it to DISE Server web user interface.

Access and licensing

  • If you want to be able to access the server over the internet, please now attempt to access it by typing in its public IP in the browser.
    You should see the DISE Server login screen. If not, please make sure that the DISE Server can be accessed over port 80 and 443 over by allowing these ports through the firewall.

  • In the login page, click the DISE Server Control Panel link to setup customers' networks, or access it directly through "http://<server-ip-or-fqdn>/?ds=controlpanel"

  • Here enter sa as user and the same password you have specified during the installation process.
  • Go to the Licensing tab and find the following information:
    Server license tag, Hostname
    This information is what you need to send to DISE Support in order to generate a server license file.
  • Once you have retrieved a license file (.lic), please return to this page, click Upload license file and browse to the .lic file.