This guide will show you how to gett started with the Dise CX Composer. Learn how to download and install, activate and configurate the program. You will get a short introduction on how to create and manage Dise Movies and Dise Templates. If you have any more questions regarding Dise Composer, feel free to contact our support for further assistance. 

Installing Dise CX Composer

To get started with Dise CX Composer you first need to download and install the software. 


Log in to the Dise Portal with your given network, username and password and go to System -> Downloads and click on Composer installer.

A download icon, similar to the on below, will appear at the bottom of your web browser. (Appearance may vary between different web browsers). 


When the download is complete, click on it to start the installation.


When the installation starts a set up guide will appear. Go ahead and click on Next. 


Read the License Agreement and click on I Agree to continue. 



In this window can you choose how you want your installation to operate. We recommend the Express way where everything needed for the installation is already selected. But if you want to choose specifically which components of this installation to install, then select Custom. 


Choose a destination folder for the program to install. If you are satisfied with the current folder selected then click on Install to start the installation.


When the installation is complete, click Next. 


The installation is now complete. To launch Dise CX Composer click on Finish. 


Create content

Below is a small guide on how you can get started in Composer and create your first Dise Movie. 

New Dise Movie

Go to the File tab in the top menu and click on New. Choose a screen definition that suits your screen.


Next, select a resolution for the Dise Movie. Choose the resolution that fits your screen.


If your desired resolution was not one of those options, then you can create a custom resolution after creating a new Dise movie. Go to the Movie tab in the top menu and select Movie properties. Then in the window appearing you can change the resolution to a custom one.

When you are satisfied with your Dise Movie it is time to publish! You will find it in your content library in the CMS.

Read more about Dise Composer objects and how to use them here

Create and publish a Dise Template

Create a Dise Movie, just like in the previous step. Select the Movie tab in the top menu and click on Convert to template movie, then answer YES in the dialog box.

Insert an Image or another object to use as a template (you can use any object in a template, but only image, video and text can be used as template objects).


Select the object you have chosen and go to the Template tab in the top menu. Select the Object is a template object button. 

This specifies which objects will be editable once the template is uploaded to Dise Server. 


Next, give the object (image) a name by selecting it and going to Object properties. Then under the General tab you will find Object name. Type in a name of you choice. This name will be shown as a title in the Dise CX Portal. 


To publish the template to Dise Server, go to the Home tab in the top menu and click on the Upload template to Dise Server button. 


The Dise Template is now available in the Dise Portal. To add it to a playlist click the plus icon. A list of content to choose from will appear on the right side of your screen. Locate the template that you have created and select it. 

Underneath the preview can you search for a picture to use in the template. Or manually upload a new image by clicking browse. Then click ADD to save it to the playlist. 

Finally, publish the changes that you have made by going to the Overview tab in the menu. Then select 1 unpublished change and click PUBLISH ALL. 

We hope this guide helped you achieve your goals with digital signage. If you have any more questions regarding the usage of our Dise products, please contact us by e-mail or phone. 

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