Working with permissions is important in a Portal with a lot of users, players, and playlists. Permissions may be set in a hierarchy and affect all, or only some items. Permissions restrict certain operations to be performed on an item. The operations available for restriction are:

  • Read
    The user may list items in Portal.
  • New/Delete
    The user may create new items or delete items.
  • Edit
    The user may change settings for the item (for example changing what playlist a player has).
  • Publish
    The user may communicate any changes made to the item to players.
  • Permissions
    The user may change the permissions settings for the item.

The permissions for an item (a playlist etc) is generally set in its Tools menu.

To add a permission, click Add entry or click the plus icon.

Default permissions

Default permissions, or catch-all permissions, apply to all users, single users, or user groups, for all items of a certain type. You may combine default permissions with "regular" permissions to create catch-all permission rules.
Default permissions are found on the System > Default permissions page and is only available to administrators.
To create a default permission that applies to all users, type in "all" and select "All users" in the list or simply do not enter anything in the User field.

Network-wide permissions

Network-wide permissions can be found in the same place as 'Default permissions'. 

Network-wide permissions is the baseline permission, so if no special permissions are set for a user they will have the network-wide permissions

So for example if you want all new users not to be able to see players, you can achieve this by going into "Default permissions" -> "Players" and then turn off the 'Allow read' under the Network-wide permissions.