The on-screen display (OSD) in Premium gives instant information about the playback. The OSD is overlayed over the currently playing content.

Toggle OSD

When playing, press the F1 key.In the top left corner you will see the current FPS (frames per second) of the running material.
  • Press F1 again to display a detailed playback report.
  • Press F1 again to hide the OSD.

Change OSD color

Press F2 to cycle through different OSD colors, to be better visible over the background.


The detailed playback report consists of 5 sections:

  • System information
                 Memory, processor and operating system information.
  • Playback information
                 The status of the channels, movies and scenes in your display scheme is displayed here.
  • Thread information
                 There are a multitude of threads dealing with different aspects in the playback. Information about the performance of the process threads are shown in a table.
  • Playback log
                 The DISE system outputs a lot of log information describing what happens in the background. 
  • Performance information
                 Information about the performance of the DISE rendering engine is displayed here.