The Bricks object inserts a bricks pattern.

Creating a Bricks object

In the Objects tab, double-click on the bricks icon or click on it and draw it to where you want it on the edit area


The bricks have a default size and color. You can drag the object out and it will repeat. Right-clicking the object and selecting Edit will let you change the specific settings for the bricks pattern.


Texture width/height

      Set the height and width, in pixels of the underlying texture.

Brick width/height

      Changes the width and height of the bricks in the texture.

Row difference

     Set the diffrence of x-axis between the brick rows. 

Mortar width

     Changes the size of the area in between the bricks. (The mortar)

Edge width

     Lets you change the edge of every induvidual brick in the texture.

Shade angle

     Set the angle of the shade.

Mortar roughness

     Changes the texture to give the bricks a a less refined look  

Mortar weathering

     Changes the texture to give the bricks a worn out look. (older, damaged, used)

Brick roughness

      Changes the texture to give the mortar a less refined look.

Brick weathering

      Changes the texture to give the mortar a worn out look. (older, damaged, used)  

First brick X/Y offset

      Lets you set change where to place the first brick.

Brick/mortar color

      Changes the color of the brick/mortar

Smooth in/out

      Choose either "smooth in" or "smooth out" or none of them, in order to change the smoothness of the texture.