Preferences Dialog

Display numbers

Show "hours" as numbers around the outer circle.

Mark every hour

Represent every hour with a number, otherwise only 3, 6, 9 and 12 will be represented.

Roman numbers

Show the numbers in roman numerals.


The font attributes applied on the numbers around the outer circle.

Options tab

Equal width and height

Show clock with equal width and height even if the object has another aspect ratio.

Stop watch

Stop watch mode. Count down until the “Stop at” time. There are three modes when enabling the stop watch. Hands use the normal clock display. Pie will draw a pie display instead of the normal clock display. Bar will draw a line from left to right.

Count down

Available if you enable the stop watch option, makes the stop watch count down instead of up.


Show the time with a time offset. Enter this time in this format <hour>:<minute>:<second>.

Stop at / Count from

When using the “Stop watch” you can configure the amount of time to count to or from.

Real time

This option is enabled by default. If not enabled, the clock will display the static time that you have entered in the “Time” field.

Use Object Time

Available if you enable the stop watch option. If enabled the clock object will use the time of the actual object to count to or from, this gives you the ability to create a count down for a scene or a specific object.

Hand layout tab

Hour/Minute/Second hand

Change the width (in pixels) and the length (in percent) of the hands of the clock.

Ticks tab

15/5/1 second ticks

Change the width (in pixels) and the length (in percent) of the different “ticks” of the clock.

Circle tab

Display circle

Specify if the outer circle of the clock should be shown. This option also controls if there should be an outline around the different countdown modes.


The width in pixels of the outer circle.