The countdown object gives a text representation of a countdown to a certain date, or time. As with the Clock Object, the system clock on the player is used for the object.

Creating a countdown object

In the Objects tab, double-click on the Countdown icon or click on it and drag it to where you want it on the edit area.



Font details

Select the font, size and font details by which to show the text.


Counts down to (midnight of) a specific day, selected in the Date / Timesection.

Counts down to a specific time, selected in the Date / Time section.

Includes both the date and time to count down to.

Lets you select which fields you want to include in the countdown result (see below checkboxes).

Time zone

Select the timezone to count in (overrides the local system clock timezone setting)

Date / Time

The date, or time to count down to.


Lets you preview your above choices.

Leading zeroes for single digit values

Prepends a zero to single values ("3" -> "03")

Hide zero values

Will hide a value such as "0 minutes" entirely.