The Flash object lets you playback Adobe Flash files in your presentations. To provide playback of flash files the Adobe Flash ActiveX is used, and as long as this ActiveX supports the flash content you can play it. Both compressed and uncompressed flash files are supported.

Flash duration

When you add a Flash Object in DISE will automatically try to figure out the duration of the flash file. The duration is calculated using the frame rate of the flash file and the number of frames that the flash file contains. In most cases the duration will be calculated correctly. However, if you are using a flash file that contains ActionScript or other similar features the Flash Object will probably not be able to calculate the duration correctly.

Dependency on external files

Should the flash file be dependent on external files you need to send these files along and put them in a directory where they can be located. This is done in DISE Bridge for a specific destination by selecting Edit Destination > Add Additional Files. You can also have DISE Probe or DISE Parser download these files for you.

Lightbulb.png Note: There's no guarantee it works if the dependencies are complex.


Please note that sound output from flash content is not supported.



Media source

Select the source file either as an URL or as a file.


The preview window allows you to play a preview of the flash content.

Flash Options

Misc options

Set background color

Sets the color of the background that surrounds the flash object.

Use flash transparency

Specifies if the flash's own transparency should be used.

Force restart of flash

By default, since flash generally have no length, DISE stops and resumes the flash instead of reloading it. By checking this option you can force the file to be reloaded instead.


Provides a list of methods to use when scaling the flash to a new size.


Provides a list of alignments that are applied to the content in the flash.

Frame rate

Original FPS
Here the flash file's normal FPS (Frames Per Second) value will be shown.

Select FPS
Specify a new FPS value.

Use custom size

Original size

Here the flash file's normal size value will be shown.


Specify a new width.


Specify a new height.

Other Options

Playback options

Continue play in the background

Will, even if the flash object is invisible, loop the flash.

Use network sync

(Default is on)


When the flash has completed, restart from the beginning again.