Show a text in your DISE Movie. This can be a single static text string or text that is fetched from an external text file using a data connection.


Right click on the Text object after placing it on the work area and press Edit. This will take you the the 
Text properties window.

Font attributes

Font name, size, bold, italic and alignment.
More detailed font attributes can be found under the f button.

The font name, size, bold, italic and alignment of the Text object can be configured from the Text tab in the ribbon, when you select the text object in the edit area.

It is possible to change the default font and size in Default Values: File > Options > Preferences > Default Values.

Connect Data

Setup a data connection. Data connections enable the Text Object to fetch the text that should be displayed from an external text file. The text will be updated during playback if the specified text file is changed.

Connected to external text file
A quick way to turn the data connection on/off during edit.

Parse Macros (Date, Time...)
If enabled the text entered (or data connected) will be parsed for Text macros. For example, “%T” will be replaced with the current time.'
Use the Insert macro button for a list of available macros.