In the Curve Editor you may edit and save curves that can be used to further modify movements of objects in 

DISE Composer. The Curve Editor can be invoked whenever you select a curve, for example in the 

Movements function.  )

A curve is a number of points positioned in a coordinate system, along with a specification of the progression leading up to the point. The X axis in a curve represents percentage of time whereas the Y axis represents a positional value in percent. Time in this sense is the length of the movement, while the positional value may well be a movement's extension X-wise.

Presets button

  • Presets
Select a preset curve to work on.

Curve buttons

  • Clear Curve
Delete the current curve.

  • Open Curve
Load a stored curve from file.

  • Save Curve
Save the current curve to file. The file extension for a curve is .disecurve.

Point type buttons

  • Linear
Linear movement between the two points.

  • Speed up
Speed up the movement.

  • Slow down
Slow down the movement.

  • Instant
Jump instantly from the most recent point to this.

Delete button

  • Delete
Delete the selected curve point.

  • Time
The time of the selected curve point in percent.

  • Value
The positional value of the selected curve point in percent.