The DISEContent folder structure makes it easier to organize and move, it also plays an important part when sharing content. DISEContent will also be tied into the user interface - the Library and Content tabs in DISE Composer and DISE Bridge lets you easily drop files from there into your DISE Movie or destination.


By default the DISE installer will create a directory called DISEContent on your system drive (C:\DISEContent).


Each new project will have its own DISEContent structure. This is also true for shared content, in which two or more managers share the same DISEContent folder. The project settings files are themselves stored in the<DISEContent>\System\Projects directory.

Structure of the DISEContent directory

Lightbulb.png Note: The below folder structure is the default DISE installer structure. The DISEContent structure created when a new project is created may differ from this.

  • Content
    May be used for storing common images, video, music etc. We encourage you build up this folder, adding and removing folders to help organizing your content.

  • Library
    A directory that will contain some demo material, ready-made presets and so on. It may be used for storing your own presets: if you create a new category of presets just create a new directory. In this directory is by default saved effects, transitions and movements.

  • Playback
    When using DISE Discover, the Playback folder will be created and contain the current playing content.

  • ReceivedFiles
    DISE Discover will create a folder called ReceivedFiles  which will hold transferred content.

  • System
    Contains files that are usually not handled directly, but instead managed internally in the applications. We do not recommend manually changing the folder structure.

  • Curves

  • Default templates 
        Default templates determine how DISE should behave when someone drags an image or video directly into a playlist.
  • Effects
  • Fonts
  • Palettes
  • Parser
  • Projects
Projects are kept here.

  • Screen definitions
The default directory for Screen definitions

  • Transition alphas
The images used by Alpha transitions are stored here.

  • Templates
       The default directory for Templates (that will show up in the New tab in Composer).