If you have several objects in a scene that you want to appear or disappear with equal intervals, DISE Composer has a nice feature that lets you distribute the objects in time. The feature can be found on the edit menu under Arrange > Distribute > Timing.

Let us say that you have four text rows that you want to appear with an even interval between each text row.

  • Create your text rows and position them where you want to have them. Make sure to create them or arrange them in the order you want them to appear.


            (Your timeline will look something like this)

  • Select and drag the last text object in the timeline to the time where you want it to appear:


  • Select all the text objects by holding down the CTRL key while selecting them.


  • Select the menu option Arrange > Distribute > Timing > Distribute start time – same stop time


There are 3 more distribute time functions that all work in a similar way:

Same start time – distribute stop time

Distributes the times the objects disappear instead of the time they appear.


Distribute start and stop time

Distributes both the times the objects appear and the time they disappear independent of each other. (In this example, we shortened the display time of the text “example” before distributing to clarify the function)


Distribute start time – same object lengths

This also distributes both the times the objects appear and the time they disappear, but every object will be the same length as the first one, so they will disappear by exactly the same timing as they appear.