All objects can have effects applied to them. Effects are calculated on the graphic card (pixel shaders) and are programmable. They allow you to apply changes to objects such as changing colors in a video without having to re-render it. Because the effects are calculated in realtime, they can just as well be applied to captured and streamed video.

Available effects

DISE ships with a number of effects. Each effect has its own set of changeable properties that determine how it will behave. 

Blur Horizontal

Blur Vertical

Color invert

Color Math

HSV Color Transform

Luma key



Two color

More effetcts

    There are more effects then the ones shown above, these are Template, Alpha Math, Saturation and Color Edge Detect.

Layer effects

Any object can, instead of itself having the effect applied to it, determine the area for an effect influencing the objects beneath.

Creating effects

To set effects for an object, select it and go to the Effects tab in the Object Properties.

To the left is a list of all the effects applied to an object. Click the plus button  to pop up the Add effect window. A list of all the effects in the system appears. Once added, an effect can be disabled/enabled with the small checkbox to the left of the name. Below the list of effects is the settings for the currently selected effect.

Changing the order of how effects are applied with the move buttons  and will give different results.

Effects presets

Once satisfied with a certain set of effects, save the set to an effects preset file. The preset can later be loaded or drag-and-dropped to apply to another object. The file extension for an effects preset file is diseeffects.