For some objects, such as the Ticker and the Table object, you can use inline formatting HTML-like tags to change some features of the text or cell. This can be extra useful if the text is data connected and updated from somewhere else. For example: If you have a Ticker with stock quotes, you might want the text to be red of the stocks go down, but black if the stocks go up.

This could easily be achieved with a text like this: 
<color:black>ABC <color:red>-2.5 <color:black> DEF <color:green>3.0

Objects supporting formatting tags

  • Ticker Object
  • Table Object

List of supported formatting tags

TagParameterFunctionExists in
<b> BoldTicker, Table
</b> Disable boldTicker, Table
<blink> Blinking cellTable
-speedHow fast the cell should blink. Lower = faster.Table
-symmetryOn/Off symmetry. 1-100. 50 = 50% = On half the time and off half the timeTable
</blink> Disable blinkingTable
<border> Set border of a table cellTable
-topTop border size (decimal value) Ex: <border top='4.8'>Table
-rightRight border sizeTable
-bottomBottom border sizeTable
-leftLeft border sizeTable
-topcolorTop border colorTable
-rightcolorRight border colorTable
-bottomcolorBottom border color Ex: <border bottomcolor='#ffb600'>Table
-leftcolorLeft border colorTable
<color:name> Font color. nameTicker, Table
<color:#rrggbb> Font color. rr gg and bb.Ticker, Table
<colorbg:name> Background color. name.Table
<colorbg:#rrggbb> Background color. rr gg and bb.Table
<br> Break rowTable
<font> Font settingsTable
-sizeSet font size in pixels. Ex: <font size="32">Table
-familySet font family name. Ex: <font family="Times New Roman">Table
-colorSet font color. Ex: <font color="#11AA99">Table
-colorbg, bgcolorSet cell background color. Ex:<font bgcolor="#006611">.usebackground muse also be set.Table
-wordbreakUse wordbreak. Ex: <font wordbreak="yes">Table
-usebackgroundUse the background. Ex: <font usebackground="yes">Table
-boldSet font to bold. Ex: <font bold="no">Table
-italicSet font to italic. Ex: <font italic="yes">Table
-charcaseAlter character case.normal=No change,upper=Upper case,lower=Lower case. Ex: <font charcase="upper">Table
-bgtransparencySet background transparency. Value between 0 and 255. Ex:<font bgtransparency="128">Table
-alignHorizontal alignment. Values:left, center, right. Ex: <font align="left">Table
-valignVertical alignment. Values: top,middle, bottom. Ex: <font valign="top">Table
<font-family:"name"> Font nameTicker, Table
<font-size:nn> Font sizeTicker, Table
<i> ItalicTicker, Table
</i> Disable italicTicker, Table
<img>, <image> Embed an image from the InternetTicker, Table
-srcSource URL (or file in the table)Ticker, Table
-nameEnter the name of a preconfigured image to embedTicker
-usealphaToggle the use of alpha in the imageTable
-resizeHow to scale the image.aspect=Keep aspect ratio,stretch=Strech the image,none=Keep original size. Ex: <img src="c:\test.jpg" resize="aspect">Table
<sep> Separator imageTicker

Color values

All html tags that uses a color value can parse the value either as a 24-bit hexadecimal value prefixed with a #-char or a color name. The color values are 8 bits for each color. The order is Red Green Blue: #RRGGBB

Color name  Color