You can use a variety of objects to create content. The available objects to choose from are listed below:

Lite support
Premium Support

Web page Object

Text Object

Horizontal Ticker Object

Horizontal Ticker Object (for RTL languages)

Horizontal Ticker Object (Typewriter Text)

Shape Object (Rectangle)

Shape Object (Circle)

Clock Object

Text Object (Digital clock)

Text Object (Date and time)

Table Object

Vertical Ticker Object

Sound Object

Capture Object

Image Animation Object

List Object

PDF Object

PowerPoint Object

Line animation Object

Bricks Object

Plasma Object

Perlin Object

Clouds Object

QR Code Object

Datamatrix Object

Countdown Object

Webpage Object (Internet Explorer)

RSS Object
(RSS available via datafeed)

Object Properties

Some of the settings for objects in DISE can be set on any object. Timing, angle, position and transparency for example. All these “common” settings are collected on an easy-to-use palette called Object Properties.