In the DISE Composer User Interface, you can customize the layout of window elements as you see fit. You can free up more space if you are working with a small or wide screen or remove toolbars that you will never use.

View options

Check the options under View > Window in the ribbon to hide/show toolbars. You can also check the options under View > Object Properties tabs in order to hide/show tabs in the Object Properties.


Select View > Enable Docking to enter docking mode. The toolbars now have a small buttons that give the actions to unpin (auto-hide) the toolbar (DISE2010WindowLayoutUnpinToolbar.pngor close the toolbar(DISE2010WindowLayoutCloseToolbar.png). You can select toolbars and drag them around, snapping where possible. While you are dragging you can hold the toolbar on the helper arrows to show where the toolbar will end up.

Load/save layout

Once you are pleased with the window layout, select View > Save layout and give the layout a name. You can now switch between layouts by selecting View > Load layout. In the Interface tab > Preferences you can specify that the layout should be saved automatically when Composer exits.