DISE allows for control over the how an object's texture behaves and is displayed. Using texture mapping you control aspect ratio and can repeat an object over a surface.


To specify the texture mapping for an object, select the object and go to the Texture tab in the Object Properties menu.

Mapping rule

Mapping rules determine the size and position of the texture in the object.

Any size (free resize)

When the object is resized, the texture is stretched to match.

Keep aspect ratio

When the object is resized, the texture is resized but its original aspect ratio is maintained.

Original size (no resize)

When the object is resized, the texture is not resized.

Zooomed original size

The texture is resized without the object being resized. When the object is resized, more of the zoomed texture will be displayed. Set using the Zoom control below.

Fixed size

The texture is displayed with a fixed size. Set using the Width/height controls below.

Fixed size with aspect

The texture is displayed with a fixed width or height but its original aspect is maintained. Set using the Width/height controls below.


Used in conjunction with Fixed size and Fixed size with aspect options above. Sets the displayed texture's width and height.


Lets you control where in the object the texture will be displayed.


Used in conjunction with Zoomed original size option above. Set the texture zoom in percentage of original size.

Wrapping rules

Wrapping rules determine if and how the object's texture should be repeated in the object, and can be set for both horizontal/vertical directions.


Default. The texture should not be repeated.



The texture will be repeated, "starting over" when reaching its edges.



The texture will be repeated mirrored every other time.



The outermost columns (or rows, in the case of vertical wrapping) of pixels will be repeated.



A single color will be displayed. The color is set in the Advanced settings.


Alignment (Vertical/Horizontal)

Set whether the texture should align to the sides or the middle of the object.

Advanced (Texture settings)

Magnification/minification filter

Lets you control the sampler function.

Source alpha is premultiplied

     Click the box to enable function.

Enable random zoom

     Click the box to enable function.

Border color

Used in conjunction with the Color wrapper rule. Set a color to be repeated.


Enable mipmapping to improve the rendering quality of large images that are scaled down / not shown close to its native size. Since mipmapping employs several textures of different sizes, it will use more graphics memory and it takes longer time to load the image.

Pixel aspect ratio

It is possible to have pixels that are not square. This lets you control their form.


Pixel aspect ratios for a number of video systems.