Using transitions you can create smooth progressions between scenes or bring objects nicely in and out. Transitions are setup in DISE Composer and may use fades or more spectacular effects.

Scene transitions

Transitions are overlayed, meaning the two scenes are played simultaneously together with the transition. If the transition is 5 seconds long, this means that the next scene starts 5 seconds before the previous scene ends. The out transition for one scene is the same as the next scene's in transition. To set a transition, right-click the scene and select Scene Properties or go to the Movie tab and select Scene Properties. Here, click the Add button to add a transition and enter the transition's length in the Timing field.

Object transitions

Objects do not transition into one another like scenes, instead, the transition is between not being visible and being visible. The transition time for an object can be set directly in the General tab in the Object Properties menu. If you want to manage the effects and more advanced settings, then click on the TransitionButton.png button and it will take you to the Alpha transition properties window.

Lightbulb.png Note: Just filling in a length will create a default uniform fade transition.

In the timeline, objects transitions can be displayed and edited. Expand the object by clicking the small arrow to the left. You may then drag the transitions' length.

Alpha transition

Determined by an alpha channel (basically going after a black-and-white image, starting with white, through black).


Loads a previously saved transition preset.


Saves the current settings as a transition preset.


For how long the transition should take place.


The higher the value, the sharper the transition's "edges" are.

Reverse direction


Invert alpha

Instead of going from white to black in the alpha channel, goes from black to white.


Shows the mirror image of the transition.


Flip the transition upside down.


Four of the same transition in a pattern.

Alpha channel

A list of predefined alpha channel patterns.