It is important that the server knows its public IP or FQDN (used to contact it from the Internet or LAN)

The discovery code feature and content management will distribute this information to the players so that the players can communicate with the server and download content. 

  • Run the the installation package again or run the bat file "DISEServerInstaller.bat" that is available in "C:\Program Files (x86)\DISE\DISE Server" (or similar path depending where you installed the server software). Run the bat file as an Administrator, and you will be presented with all the server options including setting for address and port.

  • If you have players connected to this server already, then you will need to clear their settings to show the discovery code again and then type that into the server - players have stored where to find the server, and if you change the IP / domain name of the server they will no longer be able to communicate with it. 
  • You may also have to republish any playlists created before, to do so go into the playlist, click Edit and then Save. After this, publish all playlists.

We recommend that you use a domain name for the server. 

You can then change the underlying IP for the domain name and there is no need to change any information on the server or players.