Login to Control Panel

Go to the DISE Server Control Panel, by using URL as below (you need to change the server part to the IP or Host for your server) or by clicking the link beneath the login field.


Login to the control panel using your sa or admin account or other super user account.


Get License data

Go to Licensing and select all text under marked in the image above, send this text to DISE Support and wait for us to respond with the license file.

Upload License file

Go to Licensing and click Browse. Select the license file to upload.

You will get a message saying that the upload of license succeeded.

No restart of the server is needed, but if you do not have automatic publishing turned on you will need to login to your network(s) and publish players to update license information.

View licenses

To see the licenses available for your network you can go into System > Licenses on each network.