If you need to allow IPs or FQDNs, below is the addresses the Premium player will connect to.


IP address


The Premium player will use HTTP and HTTPS ports (80, 443) for communication with Cloud.

WebSockets will be used over above ports to allow direct client-to-server connection. These connections require support for Keep Alive HTTP connections.

The Premium player may use other ports depending on what content you are playing and for integration to other systems or triggers over the network

Usually no change in network firewall or similar is necessary. Connections from the Premium player is outbound, so there are no need to open any inbound ports.

In special cases where DISE Bridge is used for content distribution, the following ports may be required: File share (SMB): TCP/UDP ports 135-139, 445. FTP, port 21, either unsecured or secured.


If you plan to use multi-screen synchronization or simple playlist synchronization, Premium uses multicast signals for the sync messages. 

Players then need to be in the same subnet and multicast traffic (see below article) needs to be let through.

Multicast address - Wikipedia

Time sync

If players should sync their clocks over the internet or LAN, please see this page for more information: 

How the Windows Time Service Works