Easily update datafeeds or triggers in the DISE Server from the DISE Parser.



Server settings

Authentication details to the DISE Server.

Use Proxy

Allows you to specify a proxy to use for communication

Server function

Parse tags on input

Will parse input tags, see below.



The name of the datafeed. The input into the modifier will be set as the text of the datafeed.



The trigger will be set according to the action specified.

XML Input 

<!-- Set datafeed News24 to modifier input data -->
<server action="datafeed" name="News24" />

<!-- Set datafeed News24 to text in tag -->
<server action="datafeed" name="News24">Data</server>

<!-- Trigger FireAlarm -->
<server action="trigger" name="FireAlarm" />
<server action="trigger" name="FireAlarm" triggerfunction="trigger" />

<!-- Turn on trigger FireAlarm -->
<server action="trigger" name="FireAlarm" triggerfunction="turnOn" />

<!-- Turn off trigger FireAlarm -->
<server action="trigger" name="FireAlarm" triggerfunction="turnOff" />

<!-- Toggle trigger FireAlarm -->
<server action="trigger" name="FireAlarm" triggerfunction="toggle" />