Please make sure that your technician or DISE Support receives the answers before starting an on-prem installation, to make sure that the installation goes as smooth as possible.

blob1476263622772.png System matches system recommendations

blob1476263622772.png Administrator account for software installation

blob1476263622772.png Server internet connection

blob1476263622772.png Remote access for installation (Remote desktop / Teamviewer)

blob1476263622772.png Remote access for subsequent support and maintenance

blob1476263622772.png Static, (public?) IP

blob1476263622772.png DNS A records for server domain name (ex.

blob1476263622772.png Ports HTTP (80) & HTTPS (443) not used by other processes

blob1476263622772.png Ports HTTP (80) & HTTPS (443) accessible through firewalls

blob1476263622772.png Server accessible from player devices on public IP or domain name

blob1476263622772.png SSL certificates (if HTTPS is to be used)

blob1476263622772.png Specified player network names (if more than one client/customer)