First connect to the database, if unsure how to do this, then check this solution:

Accessing the database

To change the accepted media, check the media_accept table. To edit, right click on the table and select View data > View Top 100 rows.

This is an example of the media_accept table:


To change settings, navigate to the platform you need to change, and find the media format under mime_type.

Modify the max_width and max_height to change the allowed format.


  • Windows = Windows Premium
  • Android = Deprecated, not used anymore
  • JS = Xpress, used for all Xpress platforms. Vendor and model may indicate support different support for a different unit.

You may need to edit your playlist to allow for republish after changing media_accept.
And you may also need to restart the DISEServer service on the server to accept changes.