It is possible to use DISE Bridge as distribution method for DISE Premium players. 

In essence it works like this: 

  1. A Bridge destination is registered in DISE Server
    The settings to connect to the file server as described in the destination are registered - no files are actually transferred to DISE Server.
  2. The destination is selected for a player. 
  3. When the Control center has an update which includes a Bridge destination, an instance of DISE Probe is launched and downloads the files.

Register the destination

  • In DISE Bridge, make sure that we are connected to the relevant DISE Server network:
  • Go to File > Options > Project properties and select the DISE Server tab. Enter the details and click Ok. You are asked to authenticate with DISE Server.
  • Select the previously created destination and go to the Tools tab.
  • Click the Register in DISE Server button.

Set destination for players

  • In the player in DISE CMS, go to the edit dialog by clicking on the Edit button in the player details.

  • Select Layout
  • In the text field below, search for the name of your destination.
  • Publish the changes made to the player, by going to the Dashboard.

Set a displayscheme

You may optionally define different "players" in Bridge, meaning that they can play different playlists. What this does is to create separate .displayscheme files.
If you have done so and wish to set a displayscheme for a player, please

  • Go into the player in the web UI and click the Tools icon, then select Settings > Custom settings.
  • Click the plus icon and type in the following for name, value and type:
    • Name: displayscheme
      Value: name-as-defined-in-bridge.displayscheme (for example Top.displayscheme)
      Type: string
  • Click Save