For Android information, see this link.


Supported models

  • Android 8:
    • D-line, Q-line
  • Android 7:
    • D-line, T-line
  • Android 5:
    • P-line, Q-line
  • Android 4.4:
    • D-line


Install Lite with USB on Philips

  1. Download the Lite apk file from here: Dise Lite
  2. Copy the .apk file to a USB drive.
  3. Start the screen with the USB drive inserted.
  4. If the screen is started for the first time, select a language then click Start.
  5. Select a connection and click Next.
  6. Select Connection type and click Next.
  7. Select Skip.
  8. Select Skip.
  9. Click Finish.
  10. Go to the Android menu by clicking (on the remote) Home,1,8,8,8. 
  11. If you are using Android 4 navigate to 'Apps' -> 'File manager' -> 'mnt' -> 'usb_storage'.
    If you are using Android 7 or newer navigate to 'Apps' -> 'File manager' -> 'USB'.
  12. Click the Lite apk file.
  13. Click Install
  14. Click Open.
    This will prompt the installs of additional required packages.
    Click install and then open for each one. 
  15. After a little while, a 6-digit code, a discovery code, will be presented on the screen.

    This code is unique to the player. Make a note of it or take a photo because we will need it in the next step, which is in Dise  CX Portal.
  16. Log in to CX Portal and select the Players tab.  
  17. Click Add to create a new player.  
  18. In the dialog appearing, enter a name, the 6-digit discovery code, and click Save.
    If you have already created a content playlist you want to play on the screen you may also specify it here - otherwise you can configure this later.
  19. You will notice that the player software on the screen will subsequently receive the settings, register with CX Portal and download some content.

Install Lite with TeamViewer on a Philips Android display

  1. Download the Lite apk file from here: Dise Lite
    (If you cant access it you can email for the file)
  2. When you have connected to the screen with TeamViewer, in the top left corner, it should say File transfer
  3. Select folder Download on the receiving display
  4. After that choose the APK file from your computer and transfer it to the Download folder
  5. Close the transfer window
  6. Click on the circle button in the bottom left of the screen.
  7. Click on Storage and then Internal storage.
  8. Select Download and open it.
  9. Select the apk file you want to install and open it 
  10. You then get a question if you want to install the application and, in the bottom, right corner there is an install button. 
  11. Click on the circle button in the bottom left of the screen again.
  12. Click on settings -> Signage Display ->Source settings -> Custom app -> Select  app
  13. Then choose Dise Xpress Player and save.
  14. After that you can start the player. Click on the circle button again, then apps and choose the Dise Xpress Player.


A Philips D-line with Android 7 are compatible with TeamViewer Host app. We suggest that if you have a TeamViewer account that you install the TeamViewer application on the display and login with your account for remote access. This could help in the future for version upgrading and possible problem solving.

Offline installation

In the case when the screen does not have internet access, replace steps 16-20 with these:

  • Click the 5 button on the remote or (recommended) insert a USB keyboard in the screen, then hit the 5 button, or hit the tab key then enter key to select the bottom link.
  • Enter the details to connect to CX Portal. You need an account with administrator privileges.
  • Click Done.
  • The player will register in CX Portal by the name "Dise", and play a default playlist.
  • Log in to CX Portal, locate the player, then set a new playlist by going into it, click Edit, then select a new playlist.

Portrait mode

To set portrait mode for the screen and Lite, 

  1. Click the Home key on the remote. 
  2. Select Configuration 2 > Rotation in the menu.
  3. Set "OSD Rotation" to "Portrait" and Image Rotation > All to "On".

Stop / uninstall

To stop the player, 

  1. Click Home,1,8,8,8 on the remote.
  2. Select Settings.
  3. Select Apps.
  4. Select "Dise Lite" and click the Force stop button. 
  5. (To uninstall Lite, click the Uninstall button on the page.)
If you then need to restart Lite, 
  1. Click Home,1,8,8,8 on the remote.
  2. Select Apps > "Dise Lite".