Supported models


Firmware upgrade

Before setting up Lite, please make sure that the device has a recent firmware!

The Lite player require firmware 2070.6

To update the firmware, please follow these steps

  1. Download the firmware from this URL: Tizen Firmware version 2070.6
  2. Please take an empty USB stick (USB stick can be in NTFS or FAT32 format)
  3. Extract the zip file onto an USB, the image folder should be on the root of the USB stick: (USB Drive):\image
  4. Plug the USB into the screen
  5. From the menu. Go to Support > Software Update > Update Now.


  1. Turn on the screen.
  2. Click the Content (Home) button on the remote.
  3. Select URL Launcher. (If the URL Launcher is not there click the "MENU" button then go to System->Play Via->URL Launcher)
  4. Select Install Web App.
  5. Type in the URL to the player software.
    This is one of the following:

  6. The application will install and start automatically.
  7. After a little while, a 6-digit code, a discovery code, will be presented on the screen.

    This code is unique to the player. Make a note of it or take a photo because we will need it in the next step, which is in DISE CX Portal.
  8. Log in to CX Portal and select the Players tab.  
  9. Click Add to create a new player.  
  10. In the dialog appearing, enter a name, the 6-digit discovery code, and click Save.
    If you have already created a content playlist you want to play on the screen you may also specify it here - otherwise you can configure this later.
  11. You will notice that the player software on the screen will subsequently receive the settings, register with CX Portal and download some content.

Installation from USB

  1. Download this file:
  2. Create the folder "SSSP" on a USB drive.
  3. Extract the files contained in the Tizen zip file ("Xpress.wgt" and "sssp_config.xml") to the "SSSP" folder.
  4. Turn the screen on and insert the USB drive.
  5. Click the Content (Home) button on the remote.

  6. Select URL Launcher settings.

  7. Select Install from USB Device.
  8. Enter your PIN (set to 1234)
  9. The application will install and start automatically.

Portrait mode

  • Click the Menu button on the remote. 
  • Select OnScreen display > Display Orientation > OnScreen Menu Orientation and select "Portrait".

Stop / uninstall

To stop the player, click the Content (Home) button on the remote.

To uninstall Lite, click URL Launcher Settings, then Uninstall.