The Lite player supports select Android devices - due to the large diversity of Android devices we do NOT support any devices other than the ones found below. This article helps you find what device to use.

Supported devices

The devices below have been tested by our support, for format support and stability.

Philips D-Line series

Models: 32BDL4050D, 43BDL4050D, 49BDL4050D, 55BDL4050D, 65BDL4050D

Android player built into screen

Player setup instructions

Product link


  • No visible buttons
    We recommend that your device is free from any visible buttons, such as home or back. Pressing these may abort the playback and give someone access to the Android device.

  • Made for digital signage and 24/7 usage
    Your device needs to be able to run 24/7 and hade some kind of heat management. Our long experience with Android devices tells us that if the device is not made with 24/7 usage in mind it will fail after some time of usage.

  • Ethernet connection
    Most Android devices will have a wireless connection, but for connection stability and speed we recommend using a cable ethernet connection.
    Please make sure that the device has options to configure the Ethernet settings, like DHCP and DNS.

  • Built into screen or mount options
    Your device should either be built into a screen or have an option to mount it easily using VESA or provided mount. Some devices (like sticks or pucks) may cause unnecessary stress on cables or HDMI connectors and that may lead to an failure over time.

  • Display settings
    The Android OS should offer configuration panel to help set resolution and display orientation (landscape/portrait)

  • Content storage
    Content will be stored on the local Android device, and external SD card will not be used. So we recommend that your device has enough local storage space available

  • Screen saver/blank
    The device needs to disable screen saving or blanking (or an option to disable). Otherwise the screen may go black / suspend during playback

Android limitations

  • You cannot overlay videos on top of each other

  • Forced restart - Due to limitations of resource management on some devices a restart of the Android application will happen at 04am local time.
    It is possible to change the time or remove the restart if needed


The installation procedure differs a lot between different devices. For our certified devices see their specific articles in the Supported devices section above.

The latest Lite player for Android can be found here:

(If you cant access it you can email for the file)

Player control

To view log and options in the player when it is running, connect a keyboard and press Ctrl + i or click '1' on the remote.

Clear settings

Removes all settings and restarts to show a new discovery code.

Clear content cache

Removes all content and restarts to download all content again.


Exits the player and will not try to restart until reboot or manual application start.

App control

Terminate the player application

Press Stop button in the application. 

Or do the following:

  1. Enter Settings (From home screen or similar)
  2. Select Apps in the Device section
  3. Select DISE Lite Player
  4. Click "Force Stop"

Reset app

  1. Enter Settings (From home screen or similar)
  2. Select Apps in the Device section
  3. Select DISE Lite Player
  4. Click "Clear data"

When you start the player next time it shows a Discovery code.