For ChromeOS information, see this link.


ChromeOS devices bought in 2018 or later may not support running Kiosk mode without having a Google Admin console login and license. So the instructions below are invalid. For new instructions please contact ''.
  1. Turn on kiosk mode
    Before logging into the device and before doing anything else, press Ctrl+Alt+K and follow the instructions to activate kiosk mode on the device.
    If it's not the first time you log in to the device, the user data has to be cleared. See the Clear user data section below.
    The account  to be used needs to be registered as the device owner. (To change owner, you will need to log in with the current owning account and do a factory reset via Powerwash. See the instructions for doing a factory reset below)
  2. Log in to the device using a Google account.
  3. Download and install Lite via Chrome Web Store or Launcher.
  4. Set Lite as the kiosk application:
    1. Open Chrome and navigate to chrome://extensions.

    2. Check Developer mode and note the DISE Lite application ID.

    3. Click Manage kiosk apps and enter the application ID in the field called Add a kiosk app.

    4. When DISE Lite appears in the box, press the button to automatically start the application. 

    5. Click Add and then Done. 

  5. Start Lite.

  6. Reboot the device and follow the instructions on the screen to confirm kiosk mode.

  7. After a little while, a 6-digit code, a discovery code, will be presented on the screen.

    This code is unique to the player. Make a note of it or take a photo because we will need it in the next step, which is in DISE CX Portal.
  8. Log in to CX Portal and select the Players tab. 
  9. Click Add to create a new player.
  10. In the dialog appearing, enter a name, the 6-digit discovery code, and click Save.
    If you have already created a content playlist you want to play on the screen you may also specify it here - otherwise you can configure this later
  11. You will notice that the player software on the screen will subsequently receive the settings, register with CX Portal and download some content.

Offline installation

In the case when the screen does not have internet access, replace steps 7-11 with these:

  • Insert a USB keyboard and mouse then select the bottom link.
  • Enter the details to connect to CX Portal. You need an account with administrator privileges.
  • Click Done.
  • The player will register in CX Portal by the name "DISE", and play a default playlist.
  • Log in to CX Portal, locate the player, then set a new playlist by going into it, click Edit, then select a new playlist.

Portrait mode

Screen rotation can be set via the keyboard combination Ctrl + Shift + F3, or via Settings > Device > Screen settings and the Orientation option.

Clear user data

  1. Turn off the ChromeBox.

  2. Insert a paperclip or small pin in the hole as shown below.

  3. Hold the reset pin pressed while you turn on the device.

  4. Press Ctrl + D.

  5. Press the reset pin again. The device is rebooted and a red exclamation mark is displayed.

  6. Press Ctrl + D. The device is rebooted and goes into developer mode. This will erase all local data and will take approximately 10 minutes.

  7. On the start screen, press space and then enter to reboot the device and resume verified mode.