In an advanced scenario, the master player downloads content from the FTP server and slave players download from the master player. 

Where you have a system in which DISE Probe is responsible for downloading the content, do the following steps to setup:

  1. Create a new destination in DISE Bridge.
  2. Set the details to connect to the master player, as the slave player would see it (i.e. the local share address or local FTP).
    This will be either a path with the master player's local IP, or,

    with a hostname such as \\MASTER\share, define this hostname in the hosts file on slave players (C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc\hosts), for example  MASTER

  3. Register this destination in Server by going to the Tools tab in the ribbon and click Register in DISE Server.

  4. Select the new destination for slave players, in the web CMS.