If your Lite player has problems to connect to Cloud or resources you can get any of these messages on the screen.

Error messages

'Requesting server account...'

This message indicates the player cannot contact the server. For this error make sure that the time is set correctly in the screen. Also make sure that the server IP the player is connecting to is not blocked in the network. 

Discovery server not available at this moment, please try again later

This message indicates the player cannot contact the discovery<n>.diseserver.net (where n can be between 1 and 2, but will normally be 1).

WAMP: Not connected

Indicates that the player is not fully connected to the server and that automatic updates, screenshot and some other features are not working. 

Possible solution: Make sure that Websockets are allowed through the firewall. 

Reasons for above errors and what you can check

  1. No internet connection
    - Please check that the internet connection is working from the device.
  2. Incorrect network settings
    - Check if screen/device has correct network settings.
  3. Slow or unavailable WiFi
    - Check that WiFi is connected and that the connection is strong enough.
  4. Blocked outbound HTTP or HTTPS
    - Make sure that outbound HTTP/HTTPS traffic is allowed and that there are no redirects or blocks.
  5. Blocked addresses
    - Add *.diseserver.net to the allowed addresses list in your network router.
  6. Proxy server required
    - Configure the device to use a proxy (not available on all devices).
    - Make an exception in the network to skip proxy for this device or *.diseserver.net.