Things to troubleshoot when playback is not working correctly

  • Does the player fulfill the system recommendations?
  • Install the latest version of the Disesoftware. Reinstall the software.
    Dise software downloads
  • If you are experiencing software crashes, please check any event logs or debug logs for information about the error.
  • Make sure that all cables are connected and that the player and screen is turned on.

  • Install the most recent drivers for your graphic card.
  • Make sure that Windows has correctly configured the display device.
  • Make sure that the display device supports the specified resolution and / or refresh rate.
  • Setup and check Windows event logs to detect any program or Direct3D errors.
  • If you are using Remote Desktop to connect to the player, this will disable the Direct3D function of the player during the remote session.
    You must restart the player for the drivers to be reinitialized.
  • When you have multiple video outputs in a multiscreen (stretched desktop) configuration, you may have to run in non-exclusive mode.
    Set the custom setting 'exclusiveplayback' to '0' for the player.
  • If you are playing in a window and the image seems larger, make sure that Windows zoom level (in Windows 10, sometimes set to 125% by default) is set to 100%.
  • Make sure that there is content in the currently connected playlist, and that not all content has been scheduled.
  • Check so that the content is not the same color as the background (the background is black by default). For example, a black text object.
  • A change of content has not been published from the web UI.
  • Try some other content that you know will work, and incrementally add content.