It is possible to play music (mp3 / wav etc) with Premium. 

The guide below describes how to set looping music over the other running content. You will need access to Composer and Portal to create this setup.

We will create a music DISE Movie and then put it in a layout, to be played at the same time as the other content.


  • Create a new DISE Movie and insert either a Sound object (you can have for example one sound object per scene) or a List object.
  • Browse to the music file you want to play. 
  • Make sure the duration of the object matches the duration of the music. 
  • Save the DISE Movie, for example Music.disemovie, and upload it to Portal. 


  • Go to the Playlists section and click the plus icon to create a new playlist.
  • Enter the playlist and click the plus icon to add new content.
  • Select the "Music" DISE movie and click ADD to add it to the playlist.
  • Publish the playlist.
  • Go to the Layouts section and click the plus icon to create a new layout.
  • Enter the layout and click the plus icon to add your existing playlist(s) as well as the music playlist. It doesn't matter where the music playlist is in the order of playlists.
  • Change so that your player is instead playing the new layout, by entering the player, then click Edit, then select Layout and click to select the new layout. Then click Save.
  • Publish the player.