Something happened to your Lite player and you need to reset it or replace it with a new one. 

No worries, it is not difficult to replace a player from the portal. 

Reset and get a new discovery code

  • Either press the 1 key on the remote control, or connect a keyboard and press CTRL + i.
  • Use the remote control arrow keys or tab on the keyboard to select the Clear settings button, and click the Ok button on the remote.
  • The player will retrieve a new discovery code and display it, example below.

Enter discovery code in Portal

If you need to register an existing player with a new discovery code, please do the following: 

  • Log in to Portal, select the Players tab and go into the player.
  • Click the Tools icon in the top right corner, then select Settings > Discovery code. 
  • Type in the discovery code as you see it on the screen and click Save.
  • Publish the player.
  • After a little while, the new player will pick up the setting and start to play.