It is possible to create a custom Premium installer which autoregisters into CX Portal. 


Get account creation credentials

  • On the server, access the database as described here:
  • Run the below SQL query:
    SELECT account_creation_login, account_creation_password FROM network WHERE name = '<Network>';
  • Copy the value for account_creation_login and account_creation_password.
  • If you need to set up autoregistration on a server controlled by DISE, contact DISE Support for the details.

NSIS Script

  • Save the attached "DISEPremiumCustomInstaller.nsi" in the same folder as the "DISEPremiumInstaller.exe" file.
  • Open the nsi file in a text editor. 
  • Change, starting from line 62, where it says
    ACCOUNT_CREATION_LOGIN (paste the login copied from above)
    ACCOUNT_CREATION_PASSWORD (paste the password copied from above)
  • In NSIS, click Compile NSIS script and then browse to the nsi file.

Run installer

  • Copy the DISEPremiumCustomInstaller.exe to the player, a Windows PC.
  • Run the installer from a command prompt with the /S switch to run silently.