A typical scenario is to turn the screens off during the night. It is possible to control and schedule the screens via Portal. 

  • Premium is able to use Windows built in routines to send screen off commands.
    This means that if all you need is schedule the screen power on/off, no special cabling is required.
  • When in addition you need to fetch information from the screen such as temperature or current input, an RS-232 or Ethernet connection is typically required, as well as working drivers for the port.
    The screen communication protocol needs to be known and implemented by Dise, If you are unsure please contact Dise Support
  • If you need a guide on how to create a schedule see this guide:

Set schedule

  • Go into a player and click the Tools icon > Settings > Screen.
  • Click the Tools icon in the screen dialog and select Schedule.
  • Set the schedule for when the screen should be on and click Save.
  • Publish the player.

Setup RS-232 or Ethernet communication

Premium only, for Dise lite RS232 is not needed
  • Go into a player and click the Tools icon > Settings > Screen.
  • Select the screen brand and model from the dropdowns.
  • Select the input method by which to communicate with the screen.
    If the player has a COM port, it will have reported it while registering into Cloud.
    If you have just recently installed drivers for a new COM port, please restart the player for it to register the new hardware.