Premium players are able to download from a caching proxy instead of going directly to CX Portal.

There are a multitude of ways to serve cached content - below find instructions how to do it with nginx for Windows.

Caching proxy setup

Make sure you are installing on a PC (it may be another Premium player but doesn't have to be) with access to the portal and that Premium players have access to.

  • Download nginx for Windows from here:
  • Extract the zip. You will have a folder like “C:\nginx-1.13.1”.
  • Edit C:\nginx-1.13.1\conf\nginx.conf and replace it with the text in the attached text file.
    Please change where it says SERVERADDRESS to your portal’s IP or FQDN, e.g. ""
  • Download NSSM from here:
  • Extract the zip. You will have a folder like “C:\nssm-2.24”
  • Open up a command prompt and type (change the path to the correct one)
cd "C:\nssm-2.24\win64"
nssm install DISECache "C:\nginx-1.13.1\nginx.exe"
nssm start DISECache
  • Open up ports 8888 and 8889 in the caching proxy PC's firewall.
  • Test by opening up a web browser on another PC in the network and browsing to http://PROXYIP:8889 (replace PROXYIP with the address to the cache)
    You should see the Portal landing page.

Player setup

Next it is time to set the cache as download proxy for players.

  • Log in to the portal.
  • Go into the group or player that you want to change.
  • Click Tools > Settings > Download proxy
  • Set the PROXYIP and port 8888 for Premium players.
  • Save and publish the players.