Supported models

  • Raspberry Pi 4 Compute Model (NEC Edition)


  • No screenshots (Update coming soon)
  • Dise movies and Dise templates slow render (Update coming soon)
  • Multiple videos in layout not working correctly (Update coming soon)
  • No remote control support (Only keyboard supported)
  • Wifi network is not supported


  1. Plug in your NEC Screen with connected Raspberry PI 4 Compute module
  2. Make sure to connect a Ethernet cable into the Compute module
  3. Let the screen boot
  4. Use the remote to select CMS at the top of the screen
  5. Select Dise from the available CMS's
  6. Select 'Install'
  7. Wait for the screen to boot up Dise and display a discovery code
  8. Connect the screen to the Dise CX Portal using this discovery code

Player control

To view log and options in the player when it is running, connect a keyboard and press Ctrl + i.

Clear settings

Removes all settings and restarts to show a new discovery code.

Clear content cache

Removes all content and restarts to download all content again.